Next generation wood preservative for timber impregnation now in Bulgaria

Uvix Impregnation EOOD is taking part in Bulgarian Building Week from 25 to 28 March 2015 in Inter Expo Center, Sofia, Boulevard “Tsarigradsko Shose” 147, Hall 2, Stand A19.

During the exhibition the newest impregnation product for timber constructions will be presented: Tanalith™ E with BARamine™ Technology.

  • Newest generation Tanalith™ E comes with the new BARamine™ Technology, created for protecting your timber in future.
  • Tanalith™ E wood preservative is based on its unique and patent combination of copper and organic biocides and has over 20 years tried, tested and trusted quality worldwide, as well as 12 years success on the Bulgarian market.
  • BARamine™ Technology increases timber durability. The carefully balanced and examined combination of several components ensures improved characteristics of the solution for timber impregnation.
  • BARamine™ Technology contributes to achieving the best protection for wooden constructions against decay and insect attacks.
  • For clients who operate with ISO14001, introducing the next generation Tanalith™ E wood preservative for impregnation of wooden constructions demonstrates a part of a programme for environmental protection and ecofriendly building.

BARamine Technology

Next Generation Tanalith E