Antiblu Select receives approval for pallets EPAL treatment

ANTIBLU Select 3787, Lonza’s latest generation boron free, anti-sapstain product for the treatment of freshly sawn pallet timbers, now has full EPAL approval for the treatment of EPAL euro pallets and their component timbers.

ANTIBLU 3787 was the very first anti-sapstain wood preservative to gain Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) approval. The product comes as an easy to use 2 pack concentrate system which mixes readily with water to produce an exceptionally stable ready to use solution in a controlled dipping application facility.

The 2 pack system allows flexibility in terms of different market and timber species requirements to give extremely cost effective short term protection against moulds and sapstain throughout the seasoning, storage and transport of freshly harvested or sawn timbers.
Julie Hargreaves, product support manager for Lonza, commented: ‘We are delighted our latest and advanced ANTIBLU product now has this industry recognised and prestigious approval from EPAL. The product has been fully tested in many international field trials under different climatic conditions and on a range of timber species, helping to maintain the appearance and commercial value of the harvested timbers.’