Timber: main building material for prefabricated houses

Wood is one of the oldest materials that have been used in the construction and probably the most versatile: it is used as a structure, such as interior and exterior cladding, in laminates, in carpentry, in ceilings and roofs, for floors, etc.

It is also a good electrical insulator. Wood insulates 15 times more than concrete, 400 times more than steel and 1770 times more than aluminum.

Fire resistant. Contrary to widespread perceptions of negative behavior by the timber in case of fire, there is evidence that the structures wood work best which others of noncombustible materials. In case of fire, a sturdy structure of wood retains its carrying capacity for longer than other steel of equal strength, as although the outside is charred, the interior continues to resist, but instead steel, when heated loses all resistant capacity and comes quickly to the collapse of the structure.

Ecological. Wood is the only building material that is renewable and reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Timber is a superb material. Correctly treated with modern wood protection systems, its qualities, long term durability, fire safety and market appeal can be significantly enhanced.

Chemicals used to extend the life and usefulness of wood products are extremely important to wood users.

Without preservatives, frequent maintenance and replacement would make wood too costly for electrical power poles, bridges, railroad ties, home decks, porches and other uses subjected to weathering and decay.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article! We hope you liked it. Have you been able to convince yourself that wood is the right choice of material for prefabricated houses and structures in nature? It is time to take the necessary measures together and protect wooden structures.

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