A new impregnation location for timber treatment expands the production site of Uvix Impregnation EOOD

Pressure treatment using next generation Tanalith® E wood preservative, a tried, tested and trusted for more than 20 years on the market product.

Tanalith® E is now boosted with award winning BARamine® technology.

Timber treated wiith Tanalith® E is approved by Ecospesifier Global for ecological building and is also approved by more than 30 prestigious institutes worldwide.

Treated timber has a 15 to 60 years guarantee, depending on its application, and is fully protected against decay, insect attacks and atmospheric influences.

Pressure treated timber is suitable for building constructions (interior and exterior), fences, decking, wooden panelling, playgrounds, pergolas, wooden awnings etc.

In our capacity of authorised distributor Uvix Impregnation EOOD issues a timber certificate.