All of the products, offered by UVIX Impregnation are sertificated and approved by prestigious institutions:

  • Building Research Establishment (BRE) – England
  • Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und Prüfung (BAM) – Germany
  • Nordiska Träskyddsradet (NTR) – Scandinavia
  • Nordic Wood Preservation Council (NWPC) – Scandinavia
  • College voor de Toelating van Bestrijdingsmiddelen (CTB) – Holland
  • Centre Technique du Bois et de l’Ameublment (CTBA) – France
  • Società Italiana per l’Esercizio delle Telecomunicazioni p.a. (SIP) – Italy
  • Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) – Australia
  • Japanese Wood Preserving Association (JWPA) – Japan



British and European Standards for timber preservation which also provide detailed information for the designer/specifier:

  • WPA Manual – The Wood Preserving Association (WPA) publishes a manual which contains information on products suitable for the industrial pre-treatment of timber. This manual largely mirrors BS 8417 but also includes commodity codes covering specific timber products.
  • BS 8417 – Provides recommendations and guidance for the preservative treatment of timber to provide protection against biodeterioration in certain specified end use situations in the United Kingdom.
  • BS 1282 – Guide to choice, use and application of wood preservatives.
  • BS EN 599 (2 Parts) – Defines the formal efficacy assessment procedures by which preservative performance can be evaluated.
  • BS EN 351 (2 Parts) – Provides a ‘vocabulary’ for specifiers to use when specifying preservative protection requirements.
  • BS EN 350 (Part 2) – Gives information about the ‘natural durability’ of named wood species.
  • BS EN 460 – Gives guidance on the degree of durability required for satisfactory performance in each of the Use Classes.
  • BS EN 335 (3 Parts) – Describes and classifies the many situations in which wood may be used into Use Classes.
  • Highways Agency – Specification for highways works clause 311.
  • National Building Specification Z12 – Preservative/fire retardant treatments.
  • National House Building Council (NHBC) Standards, Chapter 2.3 – Timber Preservation (Natural solid timber).
  • Zurich – Refer to British Standards for timber preservatives, chiefly BS 8417.
  • Ministry of Defence Standard 81-41 Para 5 – Packaging of Defence Material. Production Processes.



British and European Standards for timber fire protection:

  • WPA Manual – The Wood Preserving Association (WPA) publishes a manual which contains information on product types suitable for the industrial fire retardant treatment of solid timber and panel products.
  • BS 476 Fire Test on Building Materials and Structures – Various Key Parts including Part 6, Fire Propagation Test and Part 7, Surface Spread of Flame.
  • BS EN 13501-1 – Various Euroclasses equivalent to BS 476.