Linseed oil GA 1103 and linseed wax GX 1103


  • Decking, cladding, interior wooden flooring, garden and playground timber application, fencing, pergola: all timber species
  • Termowood
  • Treated protection


  • Poduced by natural linseed oils and waxes
  • Linseed oils and waxes penetrate deep in the material and maintain timber’s natural appearance, leaving thin protection layer
  • Ensure water repelley, UV protection and colour durability
  • Application amount: 1 ltr per 2÷16 m or 60÷80 ml/m

Application method

  • Linseed oils and waxes are applicable by brushing, wiping, spraying or rollercoating.
  • Linseed oils and waxes treated timber does not crack and is therefore easy to maintain.