House of Straw, Kladnica village

A Bulgarian family chose a new way of living close to nature, combined with economical heating. Veselin Moskov, owner of the house, chose ecological materials for his new home.

Author of the project is Architect Iva Delova, Bulgarian Association for Building with Ecological Materials (ACEM).
The house is designed and build with framing wooden constructions, the walls are filled with packs of straw.

Uvix Impregnation EOOD was assigned fo impregnate the wooden construction.

Impregnation details:

  • Timber was impregnated with Tanalith®E wood preservative.
  • Tanalith® E wood preservative protects the timber of open-ain constructions as well as constructions in contact with soil from insect attacks and decay.
  • Product with an unique formula based on copper and organic biocides. Tanalith® E was applied during a controlled technical process in a vacuum pressure treatment plant.
  • Tanalith® E is safe for human, animals and nature.

Tanalith® E impregnated timber approved by Ecospesifier Global for ecofriendly building and also approved by more than 30 prestigious world-famous institutes.