Linseed oils and waxes


Sherwin-Williams’ natural linseed oils and waxes can be used for the protection of wood.

The natural appearance of wood treated with oil is depending on how the oil is penetrating (wetting) the wood.

Linseed wax ensures water resistence, UV protection and color duralibilty.

Mainly used for:

  • Decking and interior wooden flooring, cladding, garden and playground timber application, fencing, pergola: all timber species
  • Termowood
  • Treated timber

Application amount:

1 ltr per 12÷16 m²

60÷80 ml. per 1 m²


Linseed oils and waxes are applicable by brushing, wiping, spraying or rollercoating.

Regular care:

Linseed oils and waxes are easy to maintain, oils and waxes treated timber does not crack.