Antiblu Select: antisapstain protection

Sapstain, sometimes called blue stain, and mould are caused by fungi which thrive on freshly cut logs and sawn timber causing unsightly discolouration. Infected timber is unacceptable for many end uses, representing a huge loss in value.

ANTIBLU Select is an advanced waterborne stain management system based on biodegradable ingredients that provides advanced and economical protection against sapstain and mould fungi for your freshly felled or freshly sawn timber.

  • ANTIBLU Select is a waterborne formulation based on biodegradable ingredients.
  • Does not contain metals or chlorinated phenols, such as PCP (pentachlorophenol) or TCP (trichlorophenol).
  • Ensures the value of timber is maintained by providing effective protection against surface mould and sapstain (bluestain) fungi.
  • Protection is designed to last throughout the seasoning, storage and transport of timber and is therefore of short duration, typically three months.
  • Applied by dipping, spray or deluge to freshly felled timbers.
  • Imparts no odour or colour to the treated timber.

Why is ANTIBLU™ SELECT 3787 an excellent choice for the sapstain control of your timber?
ANTIBLU™ SELECT 3787 provides a cost effective and easy to apply sapstain control for freshly sawn timbers, leaving them clean and bright, even after shipping. ANTIBLU™ SELECT 3787 is a global brand backed by Lonza Wood Protection, a company with true worldwide experience in sapstain control.

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When do I use ANTIBLU™ SELECT 3787?
Infection of sawn timber by stain and mould fungi can occur very quickly after harvesting. Therefore, ANTIBLU™ SELECT 3787 should be applied as soon after harvesting and machining as possible.

How do I use ANTIBLU™ SELECT 3787?
Adding the 2 pack concentrate ANTIBLU™ SELECT 3787 to water produces a ready to use treatment solution which is then applied to the timber by a simple dip treatment process. Once treated, timber should be left to dry before release.

How much ANTIBLU™ SELECT is used?
The concentration of ANTIBLU™ SELECT 3787 treatment solution needed to provide the desired protection will depend on many factors such as timber species, storage conditions, climate and the required length of protection. Lonza Wood Protection will carry out a detailed assessment of individual circumstances to ensure that the optimum cost effective concentration is used.

How do I monitor the ANTIBLU™ SELECT treatment solution concentration?
The concentration of ANTIBLU™ SELECT 3787 treatment solution can be easily measured on-site using a simple test kit supplied by Lonza Wood Protection.

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