Waterborne stain SX and lacquer EM 1472 0030


  • Joinery, panels, claddings, pergolas, garden furniture and other exterior wooden constructions
  • Suitable for all timber species


  • Excellent UV and mould protection
  • Excellent outdoor durability
  • Excellent colour durability
  • Applicable by spraying or brushing


Application method

1. Impralit IT

  • Colourless timber preservative
  • Timber protection against mould, fungi and insects
  • Working solution 1:9 with water
  • Application by spraying in spraying tunnels

2. Waterborne impregnator SX, different colours SX

  • One coat
  • Drying: up to 2 hours by 20ºС
  • Application quantity: 120-150 g/m2. Application quantity depends on timber density, timber species, application method.

3. Waterborne varnish ЕМ1472-0030 with film building and UV pigments

  • One coat or two coats, amount 250 g/m2 per coat
  • Drying: at least 2 hours by 20ºС