Wooden house with cladding, pressure treated with Tanalith® E

Tanalith® E treated timber is approved by Ecospecifier Global for ecological building and also approved by more than 30 world-famous institutes.

Timber treatment details:


The cladding, the roof construction, as well as the other components are pressure treated with brown Tanalith® E wood preservative with brown Tanatone® additive.

Long-term protection against decay, insects and atmospheric influences guaranteed.

Shutters treated as follows:

1. Water-soluble Resistol® preservative: protection against mould, decay, insects 

2. Water-soluble impregnant with UV protection

3. Water-soluble varnish with UV protection UV pigmented.


Claddings and wooden roof components: water-based varnish

Wooden floor and stairs: parquet lacquer